Influence Marketing is taking over!

There’s a new Hollywood in town, and it’s run by social media influencers! Social media influencers are a new form of marketing and it’s changing how people advertise their products and services online in a big way. Not a lot of people are in the know when it comes to being an influencer, or how to go about working with … Read More

Moy Army- A DIY Branding Experience

Hey guys! I have some exciting news to share with you! Last week on March 1st, my brothers and I launched the Moy Army Clothing Brand. This is something we’ve been excited for and has been an awesome experience because I’ve been able to work with my two younger brothers. The idea of social media really taking over online business … Read More

How To Find A Mentor

I was 15 years old when I had my first client—my first mentor. It was with a local business that was well off. The Marketing Director and I became friends and offered a tour of their location. I loved their work and what they stood for. I was young and new to the whole industry, but this was my first … Read More

Video is taking over the Internet

by Alex Moy Hey guys! I’m starting this thing! I’m going to start making daily content starting today, Monday. So, for 7 days a week, I’ll be providing daily content through vlogging. Daily content has never been watched as much as it is now. Influencers and businesses that make daily content have made a big win. It’s easily the best … Read More