How To Find A Mentor

I was 15 years old when I had my first client—my first mentor.

It was with a local business that was well off. The Marketing Director and I became friends and offered a tour of their location. I loved their work and what they stood for. I was young and new to the whole industry, but this was my first passion project of its kind. I pitched them a couple thousand in digital marketing and the owner loved the quality of work, and the rest is history.

I tell that story because that was my way into all of this 𑁋full of passion.

Passion projects are what still drives me today. They are a combination of focusing on your craft and working with the right people. Whether you get paid upfront or later down the road, that part doesn’t much matter. I started off doing so many projects for free.

Everyone is passionate about something, but you could be doing it for the wrong people. The trick is knowing the right people and working and learning from them.

Find people you look up to, people who have skills that you lack.

It might come as a shock to some, but I wasn’t that skilled at social media marketing, or sales when I first started out, but I found people who were and I learned from them.

When I bring up mentors I’m not talking about life coaches, either. Mentors aren’t people who sit down with you once a week and you pay them to guide you through life. Mentors are different.

You ask mentors as much as you can when you get the opportunity to talk to them. You take on projects just to work side by side and learn as much as you can.

Be a sponge

The advice I hear over and over is to be a sponge, and it’s true. Soak up as much knowledge as you can. That knowledge will feed your passion and make your projects and goals grow.

Find successful people, people who helped grow a business. It doesn’t have to be the CEO or the founder, it can be the people that made a difference with their department, people who worked from the ground up. It could be someone you know. Your mom, aunt, sister, friend 𑁋anybody!

It’s important to hang out with the right crowd and the right people. When you’re with the right people you win.

This way of learning is what inspired me to start Passion Over Money. People from various backgrounds and different industries come together to talk to me and share knowledge, and share that knowledge not just with me, but also with you.

Start where you are now. Learn from those around you and move outward. Always be thirsty for knowledge and understand that no matter their title or status, you can learn from anyone with a passion.

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