Video is taking over the Internet

by Alex Moy

Hey guys!

I’m starting this thing! I’m going to start making daily content starting today, Monday. So, for 7 days a week, I’ll be providing daily content through vlogging.

Daily content has never been watched as much as it is now. Influencers and businesses that make daily content have made a big win. It’s easily the best marketing strategy to gain attention and boost yourself and your brand to the next level.

I’m a small town kid. I was 11 years old when I got my hands on a camera. I would make videos, send them to my friend via Gmail because we couldn’t understand how to put them on YouTube yet. Then I moved into film where I was winning awards at film festivals and putting myself out there. This gave me the opportunity to create my own company where I produce cinematic videos and help companies grow their brand.

My path was always going with the trend to make sure I was always ahead of the game.

Vlogging is where I’m going next and this is why.

Being fascinated with attention online, and knowing what to do with that attention allowed me to know how to go to the next level. Companies like Disney, Marvel, Nike, Universal, and the list goes on and on, know what to do with attention and are owning the playing field.

Look at the facts- Video is dominating when it comes to mastering and engaging audiences. 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be from a video, and that’s just next year!

Vloggers like Logan Paul, Casey Neistat, and Gary Vaynerchuk have raked in millions of subscribers, and billions of views. They do this by using successful techniques to monetize their content and actively build their audiences. By using a personal tone to connect with your audience and encouraging them to take a call to action, you’ll be turning your customers into fans.

I guarantee things will change in 3 years, and by vlogging you will be reaching audiences you didn’t even know would be a fan of you and your brand.

I understand not everybody will want to tune in and stay up to date, but I’d like these announcements, and current topics to be something you can use to grow. So, if you rock it, stay tuned!


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